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We are happy that you are considering the education opportunities offered at Zewail University of Science and Technology. To help us process your admission request most efficiently, please type clearly in English letters as it reads in your official documents.

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Application Instruction:


Preliminary Evaluation:

  1. As an applicant you have to enter all of the required subjects' scores as printed on your certificate (use the Test Scores section below).
  2. Please visit the website http://www.zewailcity.edu.eg/ to know the required overall score of your certificate, if your total score is less than the required , your application will be declined.
  3. (Important) Please prepare clear scans of the following documents to be attached to your application:
    • A copy of your High School Certificate (Egyptian Thanaweya Amma or any equivalent certificate). In case your certificate has more than 1 page, please scan all the pages and save them in 1 file
    • A copy of your national ID or passport or birth certificate
    • A recent passport photo with a white background
    • International standardized English test score (TOEFL or IELTS), if available

Test Scores:

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